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About Get Ready to Drive

Graham (Get Ready to Drive Driving School founder) has been very successfully giving new pupils driving lessons in Oxted, Caterham, Reigate, Redhill, Lingfield, Edenbridge, Westerham, Biggin Hill, Sevenoaks to pass their driving test for over 11 years! It has been a very illustrious career and he has enjoyed every single minute of it.

The areas Get Ready to Drive cover for driving lessons are Oxted, Caterham, Reigate, Redhill, Lingfield, Edenbridge, Westerham, Biggin Hill and as far as Sevenoaks and Graham knows these areas like the back of his hand.

“I just love working with people of all ages and get a really good feeling when a pupil, who never even knew what a clutch was on their first driving lesson, passes their practical test. The look on their faces and in their eyes is a bonus for me and I know how their lives will change going forward. To be a part of that is a true privilege. We atGet Ready to Drive don’t just see this as just a job, we also relax and have a laugh with pupils, when we are not firmly learning behind the wheel. I wouldn’t change this job for anything ”

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Graham has been a great teacher and gave me the support and guidance to be able to pass my test. From my very first lesson to my last they were really enjoyable, and full of laughter. Graham helped me feel at ease and confident in my driving and I’ll miss his quality jokes and also his peppermints!! Ha ha. I would highly recommend Graham to anybody wanting to learn to drive.

Thank you very much Graham

Jon Brightwell
Jon Brightwell

“Thank you for getting Xanthe and Oz through their Practical Tests at the first attempt – a fantastic achievement! They never felt nervous before a lesson with you, but seemed quite exhausted when it had finished. I have the impression that your teaching method has just the right balance: relaxed and friendly while still being disciplined and informative.”

Oz and Xanthe’s Father Graham


I passed my Practical test on the first attempt with only one minor. This was mainly thanks to Graham who taught so well. We had good laughs on our lessons but the lesson structure was very good indeed. I would recommend Graham to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.


Having Graham by my side made the whole journey of understanding how to drive, a lot simpler. He was an amazing instructor, he would always crack up jokes, push you to your limits and when, sometimes, things go sideways, he’d always be there, he made me a confident driver, I definitely recommend him”- Tushar


“I’m extremely thankful for Graham as without him I wouldn’t be the driver I am today. He was extremely helpful, patient and made sure that I was comfortable in each lesson. Thank you!”

Louise Collins
  • “Massive thanks to Graham for his encouragement and guidance throughout.

    He helped me to keep going when I felt like giving up.”

  • “Thank you very much Graham for all you have done with me.

    I could never have passed first time without you.”

MarkI would recommend GetReadyto Drive to anybody
  • “I loved learning to drive with Graham as he was easy to get on with, very calm and I always got good feedback from him. I also felt very at ease with him, and he taught me in ways I could pick up and understand easily. Thank you! I am absolutely loving driving and spent a fair amount in petrol this week, ha ha!”
  • “Following a minor accident while out driving with my mum (which wasn’t my fault) I lost all confidence in driving completely. Graham took over teaching me to drive and built my confidence back up and got me through my test.
    Without Grahams patience and determination I would probably still not be confident in driving. Thank you so much.”
  • “Graham was a very good driving instructor who I got on with very well. He pushed me when necessary and kept his patience; considering I put off driving for two years I bet he couldn’t wait to get rid of me! He always provided constructive feedback which helped me along my way. Would thoroughly recommend him as an instructor.”
  • “I was very nervous about learning to drive but Graham really helped me to feel confident and calm from the very first lesson. I really enjoyed my lessons, I always received really good feedback on what I was doing well and what I maybe needed to practice more. I always felt so motivated after my lessons to improve on my driving, and it is due to all these reasons that I have been able to pass my test first time.”
  • “Graham is an amazing instructor!!! I came to him in March after trying out two other instructors and from then on my driving lessons have been a great combination of learning and fun.
    He was so patient with me and I don’t think I would have been able to pass with zero minors without his help. Thank you so much Graham! I’ll miss you.”
StevenA great instructor who stood by me
  • “Graham has been a great instructor and stuck by me although I have failed before.This was definitely not down to him but he still continued to help me to pass! He is really good at teaching, I picked up everything pretty quickly which was definitely down to his way of teaching.”
  • “I would like to say a huge thank you to my GetReadytoDrive instructor Graham. All his help and guidance made me feel more confident on the road and he was great in helping to ease my test day nerves, allowing me to pass first time. Thank you Graham!”
HannahGraham made me feel more confident on the road
  • “Graham was a very good instructor. He was very friendly and always gave me very good, constructive criticism on my lessons. He gave me ways I could improve aspects of my driving in an understandable way.
  • “I was very nervous to drive at the beginning but my instructor Steven was very patient with me and helped me build my confidence.

    I can’t recommend Graham highly enough! What an amazing instructor. Thank you very much Graham!”

  • “Thank you very much Grahame for all your patience and belief in me, enabling me to pass first time.

    I really appreciated how you went above and beyond the call of duty to help me and to build my confidence.”

  • “Graham gave me really good driving lessons, made me feel prepared and made everything really clear with specific step by step methods.
    Overall  I was really pleased with everything!”
  • “I would just like to say a big thank you to my driving instructor Graham for supporting me throughout the many lessons we had together. I finally got there in the end and still can’t believe I managed to pass first time. Without your constant guidance and attention this would not have been possible.

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